Jessica Roemischer is a pianist and music educator. Her innovative approach to piano improvisation makes it possible for everyone, to access the source of creativity within.
Jessica Roemischer

What is Conscious Service?
When Eagle de Botton, of asked me to respond to this question, I decided to share with you the approach I use in my workshops to facilitate self-discovery.
The question really is: What are you here on this earth to give and to do?
So, start by asking yourself: “What is my highest vision for my life?” (No holds barred!!) Devote a little time to contemplation. That’s the first step.  Make space for a vision to arise. You may begin to sense a new direction forward, or confirmation of a path you’re already on.
And then ask, “What gives me the deepest joy?”  No matter how difficult or challenging your life conditions are, or have been, there is a sliver of joy somewhere in your experience. Focus on it, allow it to grow. It emanates from the part of you that is true, alive and free.
Your taking time to consider these questions is, itself, significant. You’re generating a space that’s untouched by your surroundings—a place in which your own self-discovery can flourish.
In my work as a pianist and developmental consultant, this is exactly the environment I create for another person through music. Using a unique approach to piano duet improvisation, I make it possible to become freely creative. Sitting side-by-side at the keyboard, fear drops away. Following my simple instructions, a person begins to realize: I cannot fail! 
The results are thrilling. Over and over again, I hear people of all ages and backgrounds produce music of inspiring originality—this includes individuals with disabilities such as Down syndrome, autism and blindness. As a person begins to create music that’s unpremeditated and truly beautiful, it leads to a striking recognition: I am ALREADY WHOLE!
Here is an example of what can happen when someone is supported in this way through music. By watching this video, I believe you’ll connect with the unlimited potential that lies within you.
Improvised Piano Duet with Hope Garner, 14 Years-Old
So, allow yourself to contemplate the two questions: “What is my highest vision for my life?” and “What gives me deepest joy?”  By considering these, you may very well discover what conscious service means for you and, in the process, begin to sense an extraordinary future ahead!
Jessica Roemischer - Piano Beautiful to the deepest part of yourself. part 1.

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About Jessica Roemischer
Jessica Roemischer is a pioneering pianist, educator, and developmental thinker, whose unique methodologies, including music, are freeing the human spirit. Since graduating magna cum laude in art and aesthetics from Princeton University in 1982, Jessica Roemischer has taught hundreds of individuals on four continents, including at Middlebury College, VT where she was on the Applied Music Faculty from 1989-99. Her wide experience has led to the conviction that the ability to express beauty through music is a dimension of our essential nature.

Roemischer’s eclectic background includes writing, journalism and photography. As a Senior Editor for What is Enlightenment? magazine from 2002-7, she produced what is considered the finest and most accessible introduction to the evolutionary framework of Spiral Dynamics. Her insight into the dynamics of human emergence, and especially the development of women, undergirds her endeavors.

In performances, workshops, coaching sessions, consulting and lessons--as well as in her acclaimed music program at Riverbrook Residence for Women in Stockbridge, MA--Jessica is sharing the catalytic power of her work with individuals and groups throughout the United States and internationally.
Jessica Roemischer and Piano Beautiful are a GoodReality Conscious Service Project.
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